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At WJW, we provide facility management services for multi-site companies. From ground to roof, we take care of your work environment so you can take care of your work.

We partner with multi-site companies in the retail, restaurant, education, hotel, health care, and commercial real estate industries. As your work environment partner, we enhance the look and life of your property, streamline back office operations and free you to concentrate on employee culture and meeting the needs of your clients.

Our History

Our parent company, WJW Associates, started in 1979 as a transportation company, moving client freight on time and on budget. An asset-based company with a brokerage arm, WJW also provided warehouse services for clients for over 20 years. As a result of our work with maintenance programs and transportation brokerage operations, we saw an opportunity. We developed expertise identifying quality partners to provide services to our locations and a platform to manage them through inspections and technology. We combined these insights and, in 2012, WJW Management was born: a ground to roof solution for the facility management needs of our customers.

Once a scrappy start-up, we have grown from humble beginnings as the facility arm of mom and pop restaurant franchises to a trusted partner to Panera and Marriott. If you have facility responsibilities at a multi-site company, call WJW. We’ll take care of your work environment. You take care of the work.

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Kyle Fresh


W. Edward Crotty

Managing Partner

Neal Tew

Marketing Director

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