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Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Industry: Health Care
Service Performed: Project Management

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health is the largest behavioral healthcare provider in the Greater Cincinnati region. With a staff of 700, GCBH serves people affected by mental illness and addiction, of all ages and walks of life. GCBH did not stop providing mental health care when the quarantine began. They just needed to find ways to do so safely. Getting the right PPE in the hands of their client facing staff was imperative. This job fell upon the shoulders of GCBH’s Associate Director of Facilities, Tim Farfsing. In late February, finding it hard to source all of their PPE needs, Tim reached out to WJW. “We need a reliable source for disposable masks, wipes, face shields and lab coats,” he said. “Can you source these for us?”

We got right on it, researching direct sourcing avenues with Chinese manufacturers for a direct-from-factory solution. Within 48 hours, we were able to secure an order for 500 disposable masks, 300 containers of wipes, 500 face shields and 150 lab coats. We then formalized a relationship with several factories so we could continue to source PPE going forward. Tim was so pleased he has made WJW his single source for PPE equipment during the pandemic.

The best news? Now that their work environment is safe, the GCBH care team can focus their full energies on caring for their patients.

Interested in PPE? If so,  please contact your WJW Account Manager today or go online to source:


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