National Fuel Company – HVAC Units

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We have a relationship with a National Gas and Convenience Chain in thirteen states. When a roof top air conditioning unit goes down, our response time speed is critical. New units have a target install timeline of 3 days. To this end, we have service agreements with our unit providers to keep new units in stock to allow for immediate installation. In this location, the call came in that a cooling unit was down and needed replacement. We sprung into action, ordered a Temporary Cooling unit for coordinated installation, sent our HVAC team out to remove the old unit and install the new unit. The job also called for the installation of a new air handler and fabrication of new duct work to allow for more efficient air flow and ultimately a lower utility spend going forward. The new unit and temporary cooling unit were installed on a Friday, new duct work was fabricated on Monday, and the whole system was up and running by Tuesday. Steady stream of communications were maintained throughout the project between WJW and the store’s Facility Manager. In this way, routine operations flowed without interruption throughout the entire installation process.  Leaving them to take care of the work, while we took care of the work environment.


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