The Edgecliff

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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Industry: Commercial/Residential Real Estate
Service Performed: HVAC

The Edgecliff is a 26 floor, landmark high-rise condo building, managed by our client Towne Properties.  The Edgeciff was built in 1966 and is located in the Walnut Hills area of Cincinnati. Upon routine care and maintenance of individual condo HVAC units, WJW teams discovered that one of the central risers running water through the center of the building to supply each individual unit was dangerously corroded and in need of replacement. Analysis determined that the full length of the piping would need to be replaced, floor by floor. WJW managed this delicate process, exposing the pipes in each condo unit and replacing it in 8 foot sections, floor by floor, up the backbone of the building. We also installed fire-blocking and fire rated access panels in each unit to bring them up to Code and to contain any fires that might eventually break out in this space.  Our teams managed this delicate project with the lowest possible disruption to the tenants.


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